Bald Eagle Area SD honors local veterans

Centre County, Pa. - Even as a 5th grader, Amber Thompson, knows to pay respect to those that have severed in the military. 


"They should be honored because they left their home and their courage and bravery still stands up for a lot of things," Thompson said.


The Bald Eagle Area School District invited local veterans for a special ceremony to honor them for their service. While none of them ask for the recognition, they enjoy spending the day with the kids. 


"When we come down here, like I said before, it is truly our honor. to come down here and be with these kids and they way that they support us -- it's great. Cause we don't always get that," Michael Kachik of the Clarence American Legion said.


This is the fifth year for the Veterans Day celebration, students sang patriotic tunes and honored those that served. While also learning about the history behind those servicemen.

School officials say this was the best way for the kids to learn about the sacrifices service members made. 


"Bring them into school and expose these students to the celebration and the honoring of our veterans. We just felt that better use of the day," Bald Eagle Area School District Superintendent Jeff Miles said.


While one day of the year is set aside to honor veterans, Thompson tries to do what she can all year long. 


"We should say thank you every time we get, and shake their hand and honor them every chance we get," Thompson said. 


Most of all, never forget the heroes that did not come home.

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