Anti Blizzard DVD Released

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - There is a new tool available in the battle to stop the use of synthetic drugs known as Blizzard or Bath Salts.

 While it is now illegal to sell these synthetic drugs in Pennsylvania, experts dealing with the problem believe more has to be done to keep young people in particular from experimenting with these dangerous substances.


A new educational D-V-D to fight the use of Blizzard has been produced.  The people behind  "Operation  Our Town"  and  the Blair county drug task force  joined forces  to support the production of this new  twenty four minute long   video :  Blizzard,  The Deadly Storm.


Their goal was to come up with a tool that could be used to make Blair County Students aware of the blizzard danger. Produced in Altoona by DiAndrea Media at cost of $15,000, sponsors believe they have made a good investment.  Their view is that showing local people with Blizzard addiction delivers a powerful message.


Backers of the effort say an agreement has been reached to show the new anti-blizzard video in all Blair County School Districts.  Their hope is the presentation will help prevent future crimes.


Copies of the "Blizzard, The Deadly Storm" are available through the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Regional Office for anyone who would like to sponsor a public showing.  That regional office can be reached at 863-0684.  In addition to copies of the anti-Blizzard D-V-D, Agents from the Bureau of Narcotics Investigations are available to make public presentations and answer questions about the efforts to eliminate Blizzard use.





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