Annual car show draws in hundreds

Bellefonte, Centre County, Pa. - Car enthusiasts and hundreds of patrons from all around Central PA traveled to Centre County for an annual car cruise. 


The 29th Annual Historic Bellefonte Car Cruise kicked-off with what Bellefonte Cruise Committee member

Don Bedell said is the only way you should jump-start a car showcase.


"One day a year we want to...lift that law that says you can't laps the blocks. So, on Friday night we allow people an open cruise around the streets and then that grew into the car show," Bedell said.  


While the show has been drawing in new people each year, it also brings back loyal attendees like Jay Reed, who said the like minded crowd keeps him coming back.


"There's a lot of nice people here. A lot of nice people," Reed said.  


Reed is a proud owner of a '56 Corvette and 14 other cars. It's a hobby he said keeps his motor running.


"I've been retired since '94. And if I didn't have these cars to play with -- I'd be under the ground," Reed said.  


Having these car shows is a way to keep not only the history, but also the sport alive. 


"Kinda stay connected to our history you see cars that are from the ...40s and 50s, maybe some even older, ya know, 60s, 70s... and to see parents with their kids and out here enjoying this part of history," Bedell said.   


Bedell and Reed agree that the future for antique car collectors does look uncertain, but Reed said there is one thing parents can do with their kids to keep it going..


"Bring them to the shows. They love to look. And for some reason kids love to touch, that's the way they relate -- by touching. Bring them out. Don't keep them at home," he said. 


All the proceeds will be put into Historic Bellefonte, which is an organization helps revitalize the town. 

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