Altoona Police Deal with Vehicle Break-Ins

By Kevin Flanigan

Published 02/11 2014 06:18PM

Updated 02/11 2014 06:39PM

ALTOONA - The Altoona Police say there is a growing problem in the region with people breaking into cars and trucks.  While some arrests have been made, the police say there has been no let up from this type of crime.

A spokesperson for the Altoona Police Department says the region is being plagued by thefts from parked cars and trucks.  That's why the department is doing what it can to make the public aware of the problem.

Just last night, the Altoona Police Department estimated that there were about a dozen vehicle break-ins in the city.   In each case the crime has followed the same pattern.  Someone forced their way into parked cars and trucks by whatever means is necessary.
"That being if they encounter a locked vehicle,   they simply shatter the glass, or shatter a side window,   and make entry to the car anyway.    
So what we are attempting to do is to ask the public to be vigilant about their personal security remove any and all items of value from the car."

Plenty of people in the city have become aware of the problem.  Nick Blackie says his car was recently vandalized and he's concerned about people stealing items left in their vehicles
"Absolutely, and people that keep things in their cars and personal things, or even during the holidays I keep things in my car."  

Other city residents say it a big problems to have this type of crime on the rise.

"I think it is pretty bad, the way the economy has been. You don't need something else to pay for.  You know what I'm saying?" 

City police say another part of this problem is that sometimes, garage door openers are left in the vehicle.  If they are stolen, it can lead to another big problem for the property owner.
"Don't leave your garage door opener in the   vehicle simply because   if they do take it they could   return at any time and have   the opening mechanism for your door."

Altoona Police say their best advice is for people to take all their valuables indoors over night and not leave anything behind that would present an attractive target to a potential thief. If anyone observes someone acting suspicious around parked cars over night, they're urged to contact City Police.

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