All-Star Game Means Big Business

By Jim Madalinsky

Published 07/15 2014 04:55PM

Updated 07/15 2014 06:21PM

ALTOONA - The action is underway at PNG Field, but the Blair County Chamber of Commerce says they are loving everything they see off of it as thousands of dollars are being pumped into the local economy.
If you're looking for a hotel room in the Altoona area over the next two nights, good luck.
The Eastern League All Star Stop means business is taking off.
“I think in the area this size and in the region this size I think it means an awful lot,” Blair County Chamber of Commerce President Joe Hurd says.
Hurd says it's tough to put an exact dollar figure on the impact of the game, but this type of event, in the middle of the week makes a difference.
“To get something taking place mid-week that's bringing considerable dollars to the area it's a pretty good bonus to businesses in the area,” Hurd says.
“It brings a lot of action. People coming that may not normally come to Altoona come to see the game,” Holiday Inn Express Owner Greg Sheehan says.
The Holiday Inn Express is already in the middle of their peak season, and with this game added onto it, business is good.
“We're busy as usual this time of year, but the baseball helps bring just a little bit extra,” Sheehan says.
And while bars and restaurants enjoy the boost, Hurd says it's another example what the Altoona Curve and their league mean to the region.
“The kind of novelty has worn off but the impact they make has not,” Hurd says.

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