3 schools add 3-hour delay option

Centre County, Pa. - Getting kids to school safely is the number one priority for school districts, which is why sometimes they'll delay the start of the day by one or two hours when wintry weather hits. 

"One hour to us just seems pointless. I don't see the point in an hour delay,” Bellefonte Area School District parent Jesse Alterio said.


Parents like Alterio would rather have a longer delay, and that's just what superintendent Jeff Miles plans to do.

"Honestly, there's not a superintendent in this area that does not take the children's safety first. So, in that situation...yeah, we may have a 3-hour delay this year," Miles said.


Bald Eagle, Bellefonte and Penns Valley area school districts have all decided to add the new 3-hour delay option in case of weather related issues -- but it's not the first time it has been brought up.

"Three years ago, we had a stretch of weather that it was relentless. We just couldn't get to school. I think we had nine snow days that year," Miles said.


The hope is that this will limit the number of cancellations if crews are able to make roads safe enough for kids to go to school. Having less snow days is better for schools without air conditioning.

"You get in June (and) school can get very hot and as far as the right environment education, and it may not be because it may be absolutely too warm," Miles said.


But as winter approaches -- Alterio said he can get behind the new change.

“Three hours I think would better give people more time to clear the roads. If that's the case. It's not really going to complicate things,” Alterio said.

WTAJ spoke with a few other parents off camera who said that a 3-hour delay might make getting child care or going to work even harder. 

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