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Since 1969, Cisney & O'Donnell Builders & Remodelers has been serving both home owners and businesses in central Pennsylvania. Our decades of outstanding quality, customer service and remodeling experience make us one of the largest remodelers and custom builders in the area. Our great attention to detail spans the entire remodeling experience - from initial consultation, layout and design, to implementation and final project completion. Estimates are always free, so please call to discuss your next project.

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Q. Where do I begin a construction process?

A. First, you need to decide what does not meet your home needs. Don't concentrate so much on the physical aspects of your home that you are unhappy with, but rather answers like We're tired of going to the basement to do the laundry or We find the kitchen to be cramped come meal time. Collect magazine articles, pictures, and other materials that will help you decide exactly what changes you have in mind. Also look at features of friends and neighbors houses that you particularly like and imagine how they could be incorporated into your project. Once you have stated your needs, the employees at Cisney & O'Donnell, Inc. will be able to help provide a solution.

Once you have decided on what needs fixed or added, often times you will need to find a plat map of your property. A plat map is a drawing that shows all lot lines with bearing and distance, occasionally including existing buildings and other useful information needed to obtain a building permit. You probably got a copy of a Certified Survey Map in your closing documents when you closed on your property. If you cannot find this document you may need to have one created by a certified surveyor so that we may use it to produce the necessary drawings for your permit.

Q. How do I decide on a budget?

A. One way to create a budget for your home improvement project would be to find out what the homes in your neighborhood are currently selling for. The difference between the current selling price for these homes and the price you paid for your house should be an indication of how much you could spend on the project and get your money back if you were to move within the next few years. If you plan to stay where you are for more than three or four years this becomes less of a concern.

Q. Are estimates free?

A. For the most part the only chargeable estimates are those pertaining to insurance claims. Some insurance companies have a policy where they will compensate you for estimates, the best thing to do would be to ask.

Q. How should I finance my project?

A. Financing can come from various sources. You can use savings, liquidate investments, borrow against retirement funds, or use one of the many options from a full-service bank. We also work with a financing company and list some great options on our website.

Q. Will we be able to live in our home during construction?

A. Typically you will be able to live in your home during any remodeling or addition project. We make every effort to disrupt your living space as little as possible and particularly with kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we work on a tight schedule to keep these projects moving along. Since we have several work crews, we us a team approach to coordinate all aspects of the job.





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