New Evidence Fish Is Brain Food

Published 08/05 2014 06:00PM

Updated 08/05 2014 06:02PM

PITTSBURGH - Eating baked or broiled fish every week may make you sharper. A new study by Pitt researchers found that people who ate a diet that included baked or broiled, but not fried, fish have larger brain volumes in regions associated with memory and other mental abilities.

Investigators say the good effects weren't limited to people who ate mainly salmon and tuna. The study didn't find a relationship between omega-three levels, found in those fish, and brain changes.

Omega three fatty acids are usually given the credit for the beneficial effects of eating fish.

Senior Investigator Dr. James T. Becker said, "this suggests that lifestyle factors, in this case eating fish, rather than biological factors contribute to structural changes in the brain."

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