Local Pharmacies Won't Carry Powerful New Narcotic

Published 02/26 2014 06:11PM

Updated 02/26 2014 06:16PM

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - More than 40 consumer groups, health care agencies, and drug and alcohol prevention programs  called on the FDA Wednesday  to rescind its approval of a powerful pain-killer. 

Zohydro is a  time-release form of the narcotic pain killer hydrocone. Opponents say because it's in capsule form, the drug could easily be snorted or injected and due to it  potency, it could be more deadly than heroin and other opoids.

Local drug store chain Thompson's Pharmacies won't be carrying the new form of hydrocodone. Pharmacist Brent Ronan doesn't see the need for another powerful narcotic pain pill.  "Why add one more?", he asks.  "The benefits don't necessarily outweigh the risks, there's plenty of options as far as pain  relief." 

Ronan doesn't expect doctors in Central Pennsylvania to issue many prescriptions for Zohydro because it's very expensive, and there are so many other options.

He says Zohydro isn't necessarily  more dangerous than similar narcotics, but it is another drug that could get on the street and cause problems.

Attorneys General from 28 states, including Pennsylvania have asked the FDA to rescind its approval of Zohydro.

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