Laser Zaps Away Skin Redness

Published 03/03 2014 05:15PM

Updated 03/03 2014 06:11PM


For as long as she can remember, Jenn Clark has had red splotches on her face. They include  a mark under her eye, a streak up her cheek and a  spot under her nose.

The Clarion County woman says, "sometimes they would be more inflamed than others and when it was more inflamed, I would have  people say to me, 'oh what did you do to your eye, what happened to your cheek.'"

When she tried to cover them  with makeup, it would wear off as the day wore on. Jenn thought she was stuck with the problem, but then she learned about a new laser treatment at Laurel Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center.

"I was real excited to try it. I'm a good guinea pig as far as trying stuff if I don't think it's dangerous," she explains.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Algie LaBrasca says, "it uses light therapy of certain wavelengths to target a specific color in the skin. So, it's  going to treat the reds, zap the red, to remove the red pigment in the skin. It can also treat blues, purples, and browns," he adds.

The skin conditions he treats include  rosacea, port wine stains, browns spots, and dark circles under the eyes. First ultrasound gel is applied to the area's on Jenn's face where she'll be treated and then, Dr. LaBrasca applies the laser. You can see a flash of light as laser goes to work.

Jenn says it's not painful. "I related the laser treatment to a static shock kind of just a real quick shot. When you walk across the room and the carpet, in your socks, and it's real dry, " she explains.

This is her second treatment. She made need a couple more, but has already seen improvement.

"I  feel a lot better about myself  and how I look, " she says smiling.

Dr LaBrasca also uses the laser for spider veins and hair removal. He says laser hair removal is the most popular procedure right now.

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