Fitness Boot Camp During Pregnancy

Published 07/23 2014 04:23PM

Updated 07/23 2014 06:05PM

ALTOONA - Doctors recommend that pregnant women get at least 30 minutes of  moderate exercise every day, but studies show fewer than a one-fourth do. One local woman, due to give birth in a few months, says, they don't know what they're missing!

"Push it Jess , push it,  push it, push it, move your arms," encourages exercise physiologist Melinda Krimmel.

Jess Burgmeier rarely misses the twice a week sessions of Mindy's Boot Kamp, in Blair County. She worked out 7 days a week, until she got pregnant. She's backed off to only 5 or 6.  What do her doctors say?

"They said I can go as long as I need, as long say I'm comfortable and the baby's safe, I'm good to go. So I'm  going to push it as far as I can, till the day, hopefully," Jess says, laughing.

Mindy's Boot Kamp offers body weight strength and cardiovascular training.  Krimmel modifies  the activities to the  fitness level and abilities of class members.

Jess is a special case. Krimmel's trying to help her maintain her strength and cardiovascular condition, with a workout that's safe and effective during pregnancy.

"I  try to watch her as much as possible because she's the most at risk individual I have right now," Krimmel says.

She makes sure Jess doesn't do high jumps and doesn't lie down at this stage of her pregnancy, and that she uses the correct form.

Jess says, "she makes sure I still keep my abs tight even though they're hidden somewhere underneath my stomach." Jess also makes sure her back and legs are strong.
Krimmel also advises her to avoid moves that feel uncomfortable or not right.

"Talking to your doctor is very important." Krimmel says, "listening to your body and how your body feels is also very, very important because you can give us the most feedback, as the exercise professional, as to what does and doesn't feel right."

Jess isn't happy  birthing classes conflict with a few sessions of Boot Kamp, but she'll be back.

"Obviously I push it to the point where I know it's safe for myself and my baby but I want to make sure that I'm  giving forth  my 100% effort no matter what."

Since Jess was working out before she got pregnant she can handle a more strenuous routine than women who haven't been active. It's important to both talk to your doctor and make sure your exercise instructor has the proper training.

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