Hines Ward Speaks About Character for Fit Kids!

Football great Hines Ward was known for hard hits and giving 100 percent all the time.
Now, he's giving back to kids and young adults, helping them build character

Former NFL football legend Hines Ward spent 14 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and MVP of Superbowl 40.

Now he, along with Pennsylvania State Trooper Matthew Harris are spreading the word about building character.

 As Ward says, " the message today is a positive one and maybe these kids can go home and take something from this message today."

Ward was sharing the stage with Trooper Harris who is founder of a program called "Character:Be about it."

It's an educational program to teach students positive character traits.

Ward says he can relate to some of the faces in the crowd.

"Even though you may have grown up in a negative environment doesn't mean you have to to make that as an excuse as the reason you can't make it out," adds Ward.

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