Update from Clearfield County Fair's Little Big Town Contest

The following is for immediate release:

The Clearfield County Fair has just received word that Little Big Town has cancelled their performance scheduled for Friday, August 7th due to ongoing vocal cord issues.

The band has issued the following statement: “It is with deep regret that we must cancel an additional three weeks of shows in August due to doctors’ orders for Jimi to rest and recuperate his voice. We want to come back on the road to you guys at 110% and this additional time will make sure that happens! Thanks again for all of your support during this time, and for your love, patience, and excitement for us to come back! We can’t wait to see all of you.”

The Fair Directors are working with Triangle Talent Agency to secure comparable entertainment. Further details will be released as the Fair a Directors learn more. Updates can be found on the Fair website www.clearfieldcountyfair.com or on the Fair Facebook page. 


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