Electric Company Helping Recycle Old Appliances

ALTOONA, BLAIR COUNTY - Penelec has a new way to save consumers money on their electric bill, and they're willing to help consumers pay for it.

As of Thursday, more than 70,000 refrigerators have been recycled with JACO Environmental since the program began in 2010. An old refrigerator may become part of a road, new plastic, or glass.

The program pays customers $50 to pick up old refrigerators produced before current energy-efficient standards. Older appliances can use as much as three times the energy of newer appliances.

"By taking these old units off the grid, the utility company then does not have to produce energy," said Rich Marshall of JACO Environmental. "We completely recycle the unit."

Penelec estimates customers can save at least $150 each year on their utility bill by replacing an old fridge or freezer with a new energy-efficient one.

Learn more about the Energy Efficient Products Program.

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