Actions Speak Louder Than Words

According to a new reports, while nearly 90-percent say they recycle, only 51-percent report being conscientious about recycling every single day. In addition, 50-percent say if they aren't sure if something is recyclable they'll just throw it away, while 18-percent admit they toss questionable items into their recycle bin anyway. Nearly half confess they haven't done anything in the past six months to educate themselves on recycling, and 12-percent say they've never "learned" about the subject. However, people know recycling goes well beyond paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass.

Nearly 80-percent are aware that cell phones can be recycled and 67-percent realize that oil is recyclable. But just 36-percent know that trophies and crayons can also be recycled.
Meanwhile, nearly three-quarters mistakenly believe juice boxes and pizza boxes can go in the recycle bin.

People can check with their local recyclers to learn specifics about recycling in their areas.
Yesterday's News, a cat litter made with recycled paper products, is behind the poll, which is part of the brand's Rethink "Litter!" campaign.

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