Breast Cancer Fighter Stories - Lisa Baum

Lisa Baum is 38 years old.  She lives in Cambria County.  She has been fighting breast cancer for almost 6 years.

Lisa was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.  During treatments she found out she was expecting her daughter.  Lisa stopped chemothreapy in order to have her daughter Mara, who is now four.  Her cancer went from Stage 2 to Stage 4.
In that time she was also raising two young boys.  She has undergone surgery, radiation and chemo, followed by a bi-lateral mastectomy when her daughter was just 10 weeks old.   Lisa says, "I am still here thanks to advances in medicine.  I have been fighting this disease for a long time, at this time I am trying to write a book and keep up with my children while continuing with my chemo treatments.  They are every Tuesday, 3 weeks in a row with one week off for a break out of the month." 
Lisa sat down with Charlotte to help educate the public about the many sides of dealing with breast cancer and how it affects the people around you like your husband, children and family.

Watch Lisa's story on Healthcast on Monday, September 28, 2009 on WTAJ News at 5pm.

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