Breast Cancer Fighter Stories - Kay Bechtel

Kay Bechtel : Age 53 :   Hometown: Martinsburg, Blair County

Occupation: Marketing Manager with Verizon

Kay Bechtel was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in the summer of 2007. The discouraging part is that mammograms showed it was present in 2005, but it had been overlooked.  The cancer metastasized to her lymph system where she had nodules and tumors in her lung and back area.

After getting over the initial shock, Kay became the ultimate cancer fighter. She travels to Fox Chase Hospital in Philadelphia to see a breast cancer specialist.  She transformed her lifestyle by following a strict regimen of natural health treatments, supplements and an organic diet. 

In the spring of 2008 Kay found out that the activity level in her tumors had decreased to zero and some of them had started to shrink. Kay continues treatment in Philadelphia every month and undergoes scans every three to four months to check the status of her cancer activity.

In October 2007 Kay’s daughter Erica Peterson participated in her first Making Strides Walk as a team captain.  “It was the one thing I felt I could do at the time to overcome my feelings of anger, shock and sadness. It was the one thing I felt I could do to fight back and not only support my mom but support others as well.” Over the past two years Eria’s team has raised nearly $10,000.00 in the fight against breast cancer for Making Strides.

In 2008, Kay got another great gift, her first grandchild Riley.  Riley has given Kay even more hope to keep up her fight against breast cancer.  “Have faith in God, surround yourself by the love of your family and friends, and advocate for yourself and for your health.”  Erica says she is a part if Making Strides to “support Mom, to promote early detection, advocacy and support for people like me, and to promote research so my daughter Riley never has to fight this fight.”

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