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Why is Estate Planning So Important?
Attorney Jeff Fleming

A well-drafted estate plan will ensure that your estate passes to whom you want, when you want, and is carried out in the manner you've chosen.  You can rest assured that your family won't have to endure the costly public process of probate.  The government won't be able to take what you've spent a lifetime building.

But you need to be aware of the many options that exist in estate planning - and you must choose your estate planning attorney wisely.  We want you to feel confident about the choices you make - let us be your guide on the path toward preserving your family's future.

Estate Planning isn't just for Wealthy Individuals!
It’s for everyone who wants to protect and provide for their loved ones’ future.  The Attorneys at Hippo & Fleming Law Offices take pride in working closely with area families to achieve that goal.  With Attorney Jeff Fleming’s 20 years experience as a financial planner and Attorney Traci Naugle’s experience in family-focused law, our clients receive superior support and education as they plan for their own and their families’ needs.

Estate Planning Services include:
  • Wills
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Property Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Annual Gift Tax Exclusion
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
  • Family Limited Partnership
  • Children's or Grandchildren's Irrevocable Education Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Interest Trust
  • Fractional Interest Gift
  • Private Foundation

When A Loved One Passes Away
If your family has experienced the loss of a family member, our law firm can assist you with the legal process that occurs when a loved one passes away. If your loved one had a Will, the family will go through a process called probate. If your loved one had a Trust, the family will go through a process called trust administration. To learn more about these two processes, contact our office.

What is Elder Law?
Elder Law involves planning for the complex health care, long-term care, and other issues facing elderly and disabled individuals and their families. For many older Americans, poor health does not always require expert medical care but instead, help with the most basic tasks of everyday life. Although we don’t like to think about it, studies show that we stand a forty percent chance of needing long-term care at least once before we die. Therefore, everyone should take into account that at some point residency in a nursing home or an assisted living facility may be needed.

However, the substantial cost of a nursing home can wipe away a family's nest egg and the inheritance planned for surviving family members. In fact, one-third of married couples with one spouse in a nursing home will be destitute within 13 weeks. Half will be impoverished in one year. It’s even worse for those who are single. For the elderly, 81% of all health care expenses are long-term health care costs.

Our attorneys know that, although it may be unpleasant, it’s important to plan now for your family’s future.  Contact our office to schedule a meeting to review your needs today.

About Hippo & Fleming Law Offices
With offices in Altoona and Pittsburgh, Wayne Hippo and Jeff Fleming have worked together to build a full service law firm that provides superior service to clients in central and western Pennsylvania. 

Along with Attorneys Hippo and Fleming’s financial, real estate, and estate planning backgrounds,  Attorney David Pertile supports a variety of local business and municipal clients.  Attorney Traci Naugle focuses on providing quality estate planning and other family-focused legal services. 

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