Tuesdays with Cory: Favorite TV Characters Part 1

By Dawn Pellas

Published 08/19 2014 01:53PM

Updated 12/30 2014 02:56PM

Dawn and CBS Uber Fan Cory Geishauser go back in time to revisit some of Cory's favorite television characters from CBS. In this segment, they step onto the set of the classic TV show, "The Honeymooners" to focus on shows from the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's.

Notes from the CBS Uber Fan on his all time favorite TV Characters, mentioned in this segment:

"ART CARNEY as Ed Norton was my all-time favorite CBS character from the 1950s.  Although, there were only 39 episodes made, you would have thought the Honeymooners ran on for years.  The show debuted in October of 1955, but was based on a recurring sketch from The Cavalcade of Stars from 1951-1955.  And, after the show ended it's very short run of one year, Jackie Gleason would bring it back on The Jackie Gleason show.  Of course there was the discoveries of the 'lost episodes' and believe it or not, they even made some return to television specials into the late 1970s.  Always Jackie and Art, and sometimes Audrey Meadows, but most of the time a substitute Trixie and and occasional new Alice.
Ed was a great character.  Always playing the bumbling idiot to Ralph Kramden, but viewers all knew that Norton was a heck of a lot smarter than Ralphie Boy, but not by much.  His comical stances and one-liners were even funnier because he usually laughed right along with them whenever he was bustin Kramden's chops. I think my favorite episode was when Ed was preparing Ralph for THE $99,000 ANSWER game show.  Oh,  my goodness.  Pure 100% knee-slapping, belly busting comedy.  How they ever got that piano up into the apartment….and Swanee River!  You know if it wasn't for The Honeymooners we never would have had The Flintstones.

I have two really cool characters from the 60s.  Marshall Matt Dillion of Gunsmoke and Jim Phelps from Mission Impossible.  Played by legendary actors and big men James Arness and Peter Graves.  Did you know they were brothers in real life? I did not know that back then. Those two bros were as cool as cool could get. If anyone knows me, I am a huge huge fan of westerns and I've always enjoyed  and  suspense shows.
Get this… I liked Gunsmoke so much, that a few years ago I started listening to the old radio shows on Sirius XM which were actually broadcasted before the 20 year span of the tv show.  There were a few return to TV movies, but I really enjoyed the return of Mission: Impossible in the late 80s.  That's when I actually discovered the show while back in high school and I really enjoyed the movies that Tom Cruise has made with MI.

BILL BIXBY as Dr. David Bruce Banner in the 70's version of THE INCREDIBLE HULK gave more heart and soul to any comic book character ever.  Absolutely my favorite 70's character and a little bit into the early 1980s.  In the late 80's Bill Bixby had 3 television specials with the Hulk teaming up with Thor, Daredevil and the Chamelone, but he was diagonosed with cancer in the early 90s and didn't live too long after that.  What we kids loved the most was when he would get angry and turn into the Hulk, and the glowing white contacts was the first sign of his transformation.  I find myself YOUTUBING : Hulk Outs just to see a loop of the Bill into Lou mutations.  The one thing I really enjoyed about this Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hide show was the end credits with that haunting piano tune, The Lonely Man, as we see David Banner hitchhiking off into a slowly fading to black camera.  Did you know Bill Bixby was a very good friend of Mr. Rogers? One of the most popular episodes of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood  was when Fred  went  on the set of The Hulk and educated children that it was just make-believe."

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