Take This Job: Dawn as a Kindergarten Teacher!

Heidi Saleme is a kindergarten teacher in Cambria County.  She saw Central PA Live's "Take This Job and Love It" segments and emailed to invite Dawn to her classroom for a day at Penn Cambria Pre-Primary in Cresson. Always up for a challenge, Dawn accepted the offer to be "teacher for a day". Dawn helped lead the morning greeting song, tried to learn all the students names along the way, participated in morning exercises, helped the students learn how to make different colors by mixing paints, asked questions after Mrs. Saleme read the "big book", helped line students up for their restroom break and worked with students on their "centers" activities - crafts, computer games, math projects, writing, reading and more!  It was a busy day full of excitement! 

"I was very impressed with all the the students in Mrs. Saleme's class. They could not have been more welcoming to me and my photographer Scott Pickrell," said Dawn. "A big thank you goes out to Penn Cambria Schools, Mrs. Saleme and her entire class for inviting us in for the day to see what they do! Teaching is a hard job and I have to hand it to Mrs. Saleme and all of the other teachers out there. You work hard and it shows in the way students listen and learn from you! Thanks for all you do!"

Watch today's story to see more of Dawn's day with Mrs. Saleme and her class at Penn Cambria Pre-Primary in Cresson!

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