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The PA Farm Show is going on this week. So, with that in mind and in honor of the handi-capable square dancing group "The Hakuna Matatas" 10 year anniversary, we revisit the time Dawn tried her hand at calling tips for the group!

About this story:

Tom Miller is a Professional Square Dance Caller from Chest Springs, PA. He started square dancing when his parents became part of the Killbuck Squares group on Patton. Tom loved it so much, he decided to become a caller. So, he went to caller's college to learn the trade and he's been calling square dances ever since. Tom has called all over the world: England, Japan, Denmark, Australia, Canada etc. He says calls are done in the universal language of English, so there's no learning curve.

Tom calls all levels of square dancing from basic to the challenge levels. He is highly skilled in regular calling and singing calls, which require a caller to sing and call the dance at the same time. Tom says calling is throwing out a mathematical puzzle that his dancers must solve on the fly.

On today's show, Dawn tries her hand at Tom's job of square dance calling. She met up with Tom at a weekly dance that he calls with fellow caller Cory Geishauser for the "Hakuna Matatas" Handi-CAPABLE dance group. Learn more about the local group here!

The Hakuna Matatas dance every Thursday at The ARC of Blair County in Altoona.

Watch this story to see how Dawn does as a first time caller. What will the dancers think of her job? Watch the video to find out.

Tom has also recorded a CD of some of his most popular singing calls.

For more information about Tom's schedule, to order a CD, or booking him for your event contact Tom at:
P.O. Box 72, Chest Springs, PA 16624

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