Take this job and love it: Sheetz!

Sheetz stores have been at the top of the food chain in Central PA for 60 years. Now, Dawn tries her hand at making their famous MTO's!

Dawn visited the Greenwood store in Altoona for her assignment. She was supervised by manager Debbie, Sheetz Executive Chef Dan Coffin and Sheetz Chairman Steve Sheetz. She was given a uniform and went to work behind the counter.

Will her attempt be "made to order"?

Watch this story to find out.

Steve Sheetz says his family's company has grown a lot since it was started back in the 1940's. His father owned several Sheetz dairy stores back then, but his brother Bob eventually took over, paying just $900 to take over the original store. He added a restaurant, "Bob's Dairy Dine". A few years later, he saw a new type of store on a trip out of state - the convenience store. He decided to move Sheetz in that direction and the company grew by leaps and bounds. The stores are now coming full circle - becoming convenience restaurants. Steve says the company future is strong. He revealed plans to build a new distribution center down south to accomodate their growth in Virginia and North Carolina.

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