Sarah Revs Things up as an Auto Mechanic

We are kicking off a brand new, monthly series on Central PA Live, called "Take This Job and Love it!", where we go out in the community, try doing what you do for a day, and capture the whole thing on film.

Sarah's first assignment?  An auto mechanic, so she cruised on in to State College Mercedes to make it all happen.

"Hi," said Sarah.

"Hi Sarah. I'm Brian," said Brian.

"Nice to meet you," said Sarah.

"Welcome to State College Mercedes," said Brian.

"Well thank you," said Sarah.

"Today, we got lots of good stuff for you to check out and try and have a fun first day at work," said Brian.

"Yes, I'm excited. Let's get started," said Sarah.

First thing on the agenda, meeting my new boss.

"Hi Adam. Nice to meet you," said Sarah.

And then, it was off to try our luck at aligning a tire.

"I can't say that I've ever been under a car before," said Sarah.

The goal?  Getting all the specs into the green with slight tweaks of the wrench.

"How do you know all this stuff?," said Sarah.

"Oh, lots of years of work," said Adam.

"How long have you been working on cars?" asked Sarah.

"I started here in high school actually, so it's been a lot of years," he said.

And then, our next job pulled in.   A 10-thousand mile service check, which means, it was time to hoist a car.

"I don't know if you want to run the lift, but it's this button right here," said Adam.

Oh Adam, you don't know me at all do you?  The only thing better than pushing that button were the power tools.

"I like this little guy," said Sarah.

Once the belly pan was off, it was time to loosen the plug and drain the oil.

"This part can get messy if you're not careful," said Adam.

"I'm hoping you're careful," said Sarah.

But we were on a one-way trip to messy town, and there was no looking back.  Because next I had to pull the oil filter out and change the o rings on it.

"Is that the only one?" asked Sarah.

"Nope, and there's one here and one there," said Adam.

"What do you have, magic eyes?" asked Sarah.

Putting it back together, proved equally as challenging.

"Oh," said Sarah.

"You alright?" asked Adam.

"Yup. I'm fine. Like that?" said Sarah.

"It's gotta go one more step," said Adam.

"One more step he says. Are you sure?" she asked.

Once we got the new oil pumped in, it was time to give the tires some TLC.

"My method of checking tire pressure is to flirt with a guy at a gas station," said Sarah.

Which means, you have to be strong enough to get the valve cap off.

"I can't tell if it's moving or not.   This is a moment of pride.  And I got dirty...see? I'm learning," said Sarah.

Then it was time to top off the fluids, get a quick performance review...

"A+," said Adam.

"Where are my areas of improvement?" asked Sarah.

"Areas of improvement?  Stronger fingers for the valve stem caps," said Adam.

...and head on home.

"My dad is gonna be so proud of me," said Sarah.

So what's it gonna be next?  We'll be running this segment once a month, so we need your ideas!  Just shoot us an e-mail, or visit us on our facebook pages.  We would love to hear from you.

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