Pet Photo Tips

By Central PA Live

Published 08/26 2014 02:30PM

Updated 08/26 2014 06:05PM

Take pet pictures like the pros with these expert tips!
All of the dogs featured in today’s photography segment are currently up for adoption at Centre County PAWS.
Pet Photography Tips
1. It is often easiest to photograph a dog when they are relaxed. Give them playtime first, and then when they have tired out a bit, they will hold still better while you photograph them. 
   This is Mango, a sweet Chow mix boy who is good with older children and other dogs.
2. Pay attention to the background in your pet photos. The less busy the background, the more the focus of the photo will be on your pet. Grass, greenery, or a solid-colored wall are all great options.
   This is Jay, a gorgeous, energetic Pit-mix puppy who is extremely friendly and loves to give kisses.
3. When possible, photograph your pet in open shade rather than in harsh direct sunlight. They can relax their eyes better, and the light on them is more even.
   This is Maggie, a sweet Boston Terrier/Fox Terrier mix girl who loves to snuggle with her person.
4. Always focus on your dog's eyes, and try to photograph them in a direction where they are getting light reflected into their eyes. You may have to face your pet in different directions until you find the best direction to get light in their eyes, but it makes a huge difference in the final photograph!
   This is Dewey, a snuggly Miniature Poodle who is good with both cats and other dogs.
5. My favorite trick…once your dog is in the location you want, use a squeaky toy or a whistle to get your dog's attention. My favorite is a duck call…few dogs can resist the sound, and some dogs respond with a wonderful head tilt!
   This is Princess Psy, a playful, sweet Pit Bull girl who loves walks and cuddling with her person.

If you are interested in adopting these or any of the other animals at Centre County PAWS call (814) 237-8722 or stop by the shelter at 1401 Trout Road in State College.
If you are interested in having a professional take pictures of your pet, contact Corie Romero from My Blue Sky Family Photography at (814) 689-3395 or shoot her an email.

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