Marinated Chicken Breast

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Published 07/09 2014 12:03AM

Updated 07/10 2014 05:56PM

Don Clippinger, author of the cookbook “Real Jewish Men Cook Kosher”, shares his recipe for Marinated Chicken Breast.

 Marinated Chicken

This recipe is so easy, and it uses ingredients commonly found in any kitchen. We start with a clear, nondairy salad dressing, add some lemon juice, season with oregano and black pepper, and that’s it. Put it all in a quart-size plastic freezer bag, and allow the marinade to create its magic. An Italian salad dressing works well, and I also have found a pareve (no meat or dairy) Greek salad dressing. I usually prepare the chicken after lunch so it has several hours to marinate before dinner. (That’s according to the modern progression of meals. In the Western Pennsylvania countryside where I grew up, the daily meals were break­fast, dinner, and supper.) The chicken can be cooked either on a grill rack (I use nonstick aluminum foil to keep things from getting too messy) or in a skillet if you don’t feel like rolling out the gas grill. The flavors are reminiscent of souvlaki.

1 1/4 pounds boned chicken breasts, cut in serving pieces
1/4 cup salad dressing
1/4 cup lemon juice, fresh or reconstituted
1 1/2 teaspoons oregano
1 teaspoon black pepper

In a quart-size freezer bag, mix the salad dressing, lemon juice, oregano, and black pepper. Trim the chicken breasts as needed, cut into serving-size pieces, and add to the marinade. Place the chicken in the refrigerator and allow to marinate for at least four hours. Grill the chicken on a rack or cook in a nonstick skillet.

You can get this recipe and others by picking up your copy of “Real Jewish Men Cook Kosher”. The memoir of Don’s Jewish journey through cooking is available for purchase by calling the Temple Beth Israel office at (814) 942-0057. Proceeds benefit Temple Beth Israel in Altoona.

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