Kick Start Your New Year with Good Nutrition

Need help keeping your New Year’s resolution when it comes to nutrition? Nutritionist Randy Grabill from UPMC Altoona shares some ideas to help you get on track!

1) Resume or begin a routine of regular exercise and not skipping meals

2) Drink plenty of water

3) Try to get enough sleep, which helps regulate appetite hormones

4) Cook meals at home whenever possible

5) Make wise choices when eating out, and request a take-home container at the BEGINNING of the meal to take home before you begin eating

6) Eliminate negative “self-talk”, such as thoughts that you “blew it” over the holidays so why try now?

7) Make small changes-small changes done consistently can add up to big results! For example, just cutting 100 calories/day from what you normally eat would save 3000 calories and month, and 36,500 calories/year!

8) Make a conscious effort to eat more slowly to allow your mind and body to communicate and let you know you are getting satisfied with the amount of food you are eating.

9) Don’t make food your “enemy” but instead, savor the flavors of food as an enjoyable part of life and look at your overall diet (i.e. see the big picture as to whether you have a healthy eating style, instead of labeling certain foods as “bad.”).

10) Eat plenty of fresh produce, lean proteins, beans, nuts and whole grains, and emphasize “natural” foods instead of relying mostly on “processed” foods.

Visit UPMC Altoona online for more information.

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