Cool Schools: Bedford High's "Operation Care Package"

By Dawn Pellas

Published 10/02 2013 06:04PM

Updated 10/02 2013 06:18PM

Bedford High School's National Honor Society started "Operation Care Package" two years ago.

On today's show, Bedford High School National Honor Society Advisor Jonathan Holmes and students Abby Growden and Spencer Wallack join Dawn to tell us why this program makes their school "cool".

Operation: Care Package
Parking Lot Fundraiser
During Bedford Fall Foliage Festival
Bedford High School
Parking Lot, 330 East John Street, Bedford, PA 15522
Saturday, October 5 & Sunday, October 6
7:00 am - 2:00 pm

Details: Students will park your car for a $10 donation to Operation Care Package, while you visit the Fall Foliage Festival. You can also donate personal care or snack items for soldiers at this same location.

Item list as requested by troops

Bedford High School List

Beef JerkyGranola/cereal bars
Liquid Soap (travel size)
Slim JimsPower bars
Facial Cleanser
COFFEE Trail mix, dried fruit, granola
Shampoo/Conditioner (travel size)
Instant drink mixes  (Crystal Light/Gatorade/etc)
Fruit snacks (Fruit Roll-Ups/Gummies/etc
Eye Drops (Visine)
Pumpkin/Sunflower SeedsNuts: Peanuts, mixed nuts (salted)
Nasal Saline Spray
Tuna in foil packages  (NO CANS)
Microwave Popcorn,
Deodorant  (travel size)
Protein powders
Microwave Mac'n'Cheese
Cotton Swabs/Q-tips
Protein bars
Cheese and Cracker packs
PadsPretzels/Cheetos/Fritos/Chex Mix/Wheat Thins
Baby wipes  (travel size)
Lip Balm/Chap Stick
Chewing Gum  (Individually Wrapped)
Liquid Hand Sanitizer (travel size)
Baby/Foot Powder (travel size)
Hard Candy /Breath Mints (Individually Wrapped)
Body Wash (travel size)
Tissues  (individual travel size)
Sunblock (SPF 45, Zinc, Vitamin E)
Bug Spray/DEET/Skin So Soft (Plastic pump bottles)
Hand & Body Lotion (travel size)
Aloe Vera GelMouthwash  (travel size)
Toothpaste/toothbrushes (travel size)
Dental Floss
Lozenges/Cough Drops
Cotton Balls
Feminine Hygiene Products (Individual packages)
Nerf footballs, whiffle balls, Frisbees, etc
Pens & Mechanical Pencils
Stationary & Envelopes
Puzzle Books (Crossword, search & find, Sudoku, etc)
Kong Dog toys/Latex toys/Furminator® Brushes

"For the last two years, the student members of the Bedford High School chapter of the National Honor Society have raised money and held item drives to send care packages to our soldiers serving overseas. Our project, Operation: Care Package had decent success last year, with over $1,600 donated to the cost of shipping the packages. We also received enough items to pack over 100 care packages to our soldiers in Djibouti, Africa," explained Jonathan Holmes.

"Alongside this effort, the students were asked by the soldiers to use some of the boxes to help two orphanages with diapers, ointments, wipes, and other toys and such for kids ranging from infant to toddler. These packages were sent to several Sudan Refugee camps within the service area of our soldiers," he said.

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