Cambria Somerset County Outstanding Young Women

The Cambria Somerset County Outstanding Young Women is currently seeking applicants for its class of 2019.

The scholarship program is part of a two-county volunteer network that annually selects outstanding high school women who represent a high level of excellence among their peers. OYW seeks to recognize the accomplishments and commitment of these women as they work towards their future.

They’re evaluated on the following criteria:

18% Scholarship and Achievement

18% Interview

18% Performing Arts

18% Aerobics and Fitness

18% Presence and Presentation

10% Attention to Details (Deadlines, Completeness of Forms, etc.)


If you’re interested in joining the program, please attend the Meet Outstanding Young Women Event at the Holiday Inn Express in Richland Township on Wednesday, October 18 from 7:30 pm until 8:30 pm. There is no cost for participation.


Visit Cambria Somerset Outstanding Young Women online, Facebook or send them an email for more information.

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