A Backstage Look at Cirque Musica

By Sarah Swistak

Published 09/27 2013 04:43PM

Updated 09/27 2013 04:50PM

Cirque Musica took the Kovalchick Complex by storm earlier this week, and while they’ve already packed up and headed on to the next stop in their worldwide tour, Central PA Live had the exclusive opportunity to go back stage for a sneak peek at what it takes to put on this show.
“Cirque Musica is unlike anything they’ve ever seen,” said Stephen Cook, the Executive Producer of Cirque Musica.  “Cirque Musica is the integration of the greatest music of all time, with the greatest circus performers from all around the world, and it’s really a unique show.”
And when he says his cast includes the best in the business, he means it.
David Larible is considered the clown of clowns,” said Cook.  “He hasn't been in the U.S. in about seven years. He's toured around Europe and Asia, so to get him in the show was sort of a big deal. Also, having the world famous Wallenda duo, which is the mother-daughter high-wire duo, is great, and then having the Españas, which is the best thrill act in the business."
And we had a chance to meet up with some of them, including Concert Master of the Orchestra, Veronica Gan, who not only plays the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto completely by memory, but does so while soaring through the air.
"You can see this little system right here,” said Cook.  “That little wire comes down, and hooks to her dress, and so she'll start right here, and it hooks up, and it throws her out about 25 feet over the audience."
"They can't believe what they're seeing,” said Gan.  “When I first launch, there’s this big gasp from the entire crowd, and it’s really exhilarating.”
And so is aerial hoop artist, Ashley Winn, an eighth-generation circus performer, who you’ll also see soaring through the sky throughout the show.
Thankfully, when we met up with her, we had both feet firmly planted on the ground, to showcase her other act, hula hooping.
Ashley has these hoops custom made for her act.  They’re metal, not plastic, and she does up to fifty hoops at the same time.  Luckily, she only had Sarah master one.
And just as Sarah was feeling pretty good about herself, German Wheel Superstar, Sian España came rolling into the ring.
It took him a year and two months to pick up all of the tricks, and he expected Sarah to master them in about two minutes.
After a brief pep talk about keeping the strength in her arms, not hitting her head on the concrete floor, and not smashing her fingers beneath the ring, Sian decided Sarah was ready to roll.  And then?  There was no stopping her.
And while Sarah’s experience was certainly memorable for her, it pales in comparison to the actual show.
"There's nothing else like this,” said Cook. "It's just a really fun experience and we get standing ovations every where we go, with great crowds."
Cirque Musica also plays with a local symphony everywhere they go, so that adds a unique twist to things.  They have just two hours before the show to practice with their new musicians before they take the stage.

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